Don't Make These Mistakes Yourself

A 40-page collection of some of the most common mistakes you can make in Laravel.

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Performance mistakes

Tips that make your code better and your day-to-day life eaiser.

Deployment mistakes

Working with Eloquent relationships is sometimes confusing. These tips will help you write more efficient code.

Maintenance mistakes

Make them cleaner to work with.

About The Book

"Common Mistakes in Laravel" is a 40-page guide that shows you some of the most common mistakes in Laravel so you can avoid all of them.This short ebook is all about writing maintainable Laravel code in general. I've been (mostly) a PHP (90% Laravel) developer since 2012 and I've been reviewing code since around 2017. I've seen (and made) some typical and often recurring issues or mistakes that make our lives harder but are usually pretty easy to fix or avoid.So I collected these issues in 3 categories:

  • Performance

  • Deployment

  • Maintainance

Avoiding these mistakes will help you write cleaner, more efficient code.

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Who Am I?

👋 Hey!I'm Martin Joo, a PHP developer since 2012. I'm also a content creator, blogger, and author of:

  • Domain-Driven Design with Laravel

  • DevOps with Laravel

  • Microservices with Laravel

  • Laravel Concepts

  • Test-Driven APIs with Laravel and Pest

  • Laravel Eloquent Recipes

  • Proper API Design with Laravel

  • Common Mistakes in Laravel

  • Blog For Laravel Artisans

As you can see, I really love Laravel. I'm also sharing everything I know about development on Twitter.

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